I have to admit, the one part of my new duties as stay at home dad that I have sorely neglected as of yet, is the one involving the kitchen.  I have never really had to cook, so therefore it is not a skill I have acquired in my 27 years of existence.  Luckily my wife does not eat a lot, and her eating habits are more of a grazer than that of a gorger.  But there may be signs that deep down in the depths of my soul a taste bud master may just be lurking.  Last night I cooked.  OK all “cooked” really entailed was some beef in a frying pan, taco seasoning, and grated cheese.  But it was an accomplishment none the less, and the tacos turned out pretty good to boot.  This success has encouraged me to take on new adventures in the brotherhood of the traveling pots and pans.  I will keep you posted on future trials and tribulations.