January 24, 2009

I find you.
You find me.
I find me in you.
I find you in me.
We laugh, we cry.
We turn the page.
Your borrowed.
Your paid.
I’m faithful,
and unfaithful.
It matters not to you,
you know I will always come back.
Like Silverstein’s stump,
and a new sun rising,
you will always be there,
explaining, creating, making sense,
imagining, exploring both past and present tense.
Here is to you, whether paper or leather bound,
for you don’t know what pleasures I’ve found.


The Soundtrack to My Life

January 14, 2009

If I were able to choose the songwriter to create the soundtrack to the movie that is my life it would hands down have to be Paul Simon.

What about you?

Flip Video’s Mino

December 26, 2008

Wanted to pass along a heads up on a very cool toy.  For Christmas my mother got Halina and I a Flip Mino, which is a camcorder that fits in your pocket.  It holds up to an hour of video, has a built in usb connector that plugs right into your computer when you are ready to download your movies, and there is easy playback to review the video you just shot.  The software that comes with it allows for uploading movies directly to youtube, in addition to capturing still photos from the movie itself.  I used it yesterday to get some videos of Jaxon’s first Christmas, and those may just find their way onto a future post.

Of course this isn’t a tech review blog, but I have never been one to keep a cool toy to myself.  I think I get that from my mom.

The Art of Making Books

December 24, 2008

In relation to my previous post on Google and Amazon’s ties to the book industry, I came across a recent article in the Buffalo News that tells the story of the Western New York Book Arts Colloborative.  This is an organization dedicated to the craft of book making.  A craft that like many others offers several layers of intricacy and detail that deserve to be celebrated.  The Collaborative offers a “museum, workplace, and inspiration center for people devoted to paper, ink, and type.”

Maybe there is a silver lining to the growth of the internet and specifically it’s capacity to completely disrupt an entire economic sector.  Music has been revolutionized.  The way we consume movies is being turned upside down.  The news industry is being dominated by online commentary.  You can read the latest bestsellers on the equivalent of an iPod for books.  As much as we can pine for the “good old days”, they aren’t coming back.  If they were ever here to begin with.  But in conjunction with this you are seeing people increasingly turn to honest craftmanship.  This is in part because our lifes are moving so fast towards being controlled by a “digital cloud”, that we want to seek out and remain in contact to that which is real and tangible.  But it can’t be fake, we have had enough of fake.  We don’t wan’t some mass produced piece of garbage, we have storage sheds full of mass produced pieces of garbage.  We wan’t something that was created by someone who was in love with what he/she was making.  That is what will get us to pull out our wallets, even if it costs a little bit more.

So in essence what the internet is in the beginning stages of doing to the economy is getting rid of the low end crap, which can’t compete with the economic scale of free.  Which is the scale that the internet works on.  In the place of these low end offerings you will find genuine products.  Products that convey pride, dignity, respect, and love of craft.  Additionally the internet is making it easier to find and connect with the people behind these products, and with others who possess the same interests.

We aren’t there yet, but I think we have only just begun to fathom the true capacity of the world wide web to enhance the world around us.  Yes there will be hiccups along the way, but hiccups are how we learn, what leads to innovation.  Have you come across any craftsmen or craftswomen that have made you feel more connected to the world around you?  That inspired you with their devotion to their particular trade?  Share your stories below.

Technorati Ranking

December 24, 2008

According to Technorati’s ranking system, I have the 4,715,339th best blog on the internet.  I’m pretty sure that, like golf, the lower that number is the better.  If you have a second, why don’t you visit my profile and “fave” this blog.  It will help to improve my blog handicap.  Thank you in advance…

I Guess I Am “Not a Man”

December 23, 2008

In regards to my recent post “Feeling of Guilt“, maybe it has something to do with this video I found on another stay at home dad blog, ADHDaddy.

I truly don’t care if one chooses to have their religious beliefs, there is a feeling of spirituality that runs through all of us.  But, to take one passage out of The Bible and use it out of context to demean a whole group of people this “real man” will never know, is what irks me to no end.  And quite honestly is what turns me off to religion in an organized fashion all together.  Who says that the only definition of “providing” is that which is monetary?

I will get off my soap box now.  I truly do not intend to offend anyone who is of religious faith with this post.  It was only intended to provide the perspective of one who is turned off by religion, and why they are.

Like A Good Neighbor…

December 22, 2008

As I was shoveling snow I had plenty of time to think, so I started wondering what it means to be a good neighbor.  Is it simply that you don’t ignore the people that live next to you?  When they say “Hi”, you don’t pretend like you didn’t hear them.  Or is it shoveling your neighbors sidewalks when they are too old to do so?  Something my father used to do.

What are your neighbors like?  Do you ignore them?  Just say Hi?  Or do you know their whole life story?